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For over two decades, founder Sue Scheff has investigated, visited, interviewed, and helped litigate the troubled teen industry – with two major legal victories to her name that assisted in the demise of at least 22 less-than-ethical teen help programs, she is considered a leader in this field.

A simple online search for “schools for troubled teens” yields over 5 million results!

Parents are confused, overwhelmed, and desperate for help with their struggling teen or young adult and can quickly become prey to the slick marketing of programs that may not be the right fit for their family.

“Our daughter was self-harming, attempted suicide, refuses to accept no from her parents, addicted to social media and her phone, we’re desperate for help.”

-Parents of 15-year-old, Parent’s Guide to Residential Treatment ™

Scheff knows this firsthand, in 1999 she was that desperate parent. After hiring an educational consultation that was quick to insist, she place her daughter into a wilderness program, she jumped online only to be misled into fancy marketing and deceptive trade practices.

What happened to Scheff, is every parent’s worst nightmare – a child being abused in a troubled teen program. It is why she is so passionate about advocating for safe, quality, positive and
encouraging schools.

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The Most Perused Topics for Parents Helping Troubled Teens

Good teen — making bad choices? Suffering with depression and anxiety? Smart, but underachieving? School refusal or skipping classes?

Entitled, defiant, addicted to their cell-phone? Struggling with ADHD, ODD or RAD? Suspended or facing expulsion?

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Is your teen doing drugs? Struggling with teenage mental health issues or self-harm, suicide ideation?

What is the goal of residential treatment centerWhat is the success rates of boarding schools?

Confused between the difference of a residential treatment center and therapeutic boarding school

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Teen depression and anxiety has doubled since 2020. Most experts point to the rise in screen addiction.

Learn why behavior modification treatment can help difficult teens that are suffering with mental health issues.

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Has your teen drifted from your family values? Are they disrespectful, defiant and rude to you and others?

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Teenage difficulties such as defiance, teen substance use, failing in school, addicted to video gaming, social media, self-harm and even kids that have become violent (destructive) can be helped through behavior therapy.

Behavior therapy such as DBT and CBT  in boarding schools is very effective with troubled teens.

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Is your teen is refusing therapy? Outpatient treatment failed? School setting is not working. Short-term hospital stay unsuccessful.

These are some of the reasons a boarding school for residential therapy can work for teenage issues.

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Failure to launch is an  epidemic that affects young adults the world over. Studies suggest that over half of young adults still live at home.

A vast majority of these adult children are facing failure to thrive. Struggling with setting goals or even finishing school.

Young adult life skills programs are your answer!

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Many parents are at their wit’s end with the challenges of raising teenagers. If you are considering residential therapy, contact us for a free consultation.

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