5 Benefits of Boarding Schools for Troubled Teens

Are you at your wit’s end with your troubled teen? Asking yourself, “Can I kick my teenager out?” 

Have you reached a point where you feel like your entire family is being held hostage to your teen’s behavior — at any moment they could explode or do you fear for their own life or your families?

PexelTeenGirl4Is your teen:

Addicted to their smartphone? Video-gaming?
Entitlement, rude, defiant, disrespectful?
-Failing in school, but capable of passing?
-ADHD, OCD, RAD, Bipolar
-Teenager doing drugs? Vaping? Drinking?
Sneaking-out? Running away?
Withdrawn? Stays in their room?
-Refusing to go school? Skipping class?
-Suspended, facing expulsion?
-Depression, anxiety?
-Rage, anger, destructive?
Negative peer group?

Whether you’re experiencing all or a few of these behavior patterns, you can feel like a hostage in your own home.  When parents start facing the reality that their once good teenager is making some bad choices that are getting worse, it can be extremely disheartening. There is no longer the “typical teenager” excuse.

No one ever wants to believe they will have to decide on a therapeutic boarding school for a troubled teen — especially their own teenager.  This is a major decision both emotionally and financially, and one not to be taken lightly. It is well after you have exhausted all your local resources. 

Usually the has teenager shutdown in therapy, the school setting wasn’t working, outpatient treatment failed and possibly a short-term hospital stay was unsuccessful, since it doesn’t provide long lasting behavioral changes.

Searching for boarding schools for troubled teens is not easy, on the contrary, as a consumer, you need to be an educated parent to sift through the sites and reviews and learn how to evaluate truth — from — fiction — from — opinion online. 

One simple online search for “boarding schools for troubled teens” yields over 1.5 million results!

What are the benefits of boarding schools for troubled teens?

5 Benefits of Boarding Schools for Troubled Teens

Boarding schools for troubled teens are designed to stop the negative behavior patterns of your teen and change the course to a positive and upward one.

1. Decompress.  Removing your teenager from their home environment, including their peers and especially their devices into a slowed down manageable pace, helps them to start focusing on themselves to improve their mental health. They are now in a setting with trained staff, activities (enrichment programs) and therapy that is designed to encourage change and build self-worth.

By decompressing and disconnecting from the negativity of their old lives (as well as their devices), it will give your teen an opportunity for the kind of true and deep change required to turn their life around.

PexelTeenSchool2. Stability. A positive, safe, and consistent environment replaces the toxic environment they’re leaving. They won’t have access to drugs or alcohol – or their social media or devices.

The negative peer influences are now cut-off. If they have been struggling academically, often this new environment is where they will begin to thrive again – in many cases your teen will be able to catch up academically and some even surpass where they would be traditionally.

Once your teen gets on a healthy schedule, they will start feeling good about themselves and will bring this back home with them.

3. Calmness. In many situations, the teen is coming from a home where there was family discord and dysfunction. The destructive cycles (whether it was between parents or siblings) has now stopped and is deliberately slowed down to include mediated conversations, letter exchanges, and intermittent visits — as well are family workshops.

This completely changes the dynamic and stops parents and teens from engaging in the same ineffective communication patterns used before. It is as if a pause button is pushed and teens eventually are able to move away from their rigid perspectives and look at their relationships from a new and clear vantage point.

The truth is, no one enjoys living in a home that feels like a battleground. As both parties start experiencing this new calmness, the goal is to have it continue for the future — as everyone works together for the same purpose.

4. Enhances change. A quality therapeutic boarding school for troubled teens is designed to enhance likelihood and speed of change.   These schools help enable young people to look at their choices, their personal limitations, and the outcomes of the strategies they are using, and to recognize their own contributions to their problems and unhappiness.

The foundation of boarding schools are environments based on the creation of a safe, relationally warm place where the teen is protected from self-destructive behavior, unburdened from the stresses of life, and immersed in relational climate that invites introspection.

5. Family workshops. Parent education and involvement in the treatment process is priceless. It’s very easy to point the finger at the teenager but remember just sending your teen away and not addressing issues as a family won’t resolve anything if everyone isn’t on board.

Being involved in your teen’s program at home is imperative. From reading the books that are assigned to you, to making plans to attend the workshops — your teen needs to know you are dedicated to the school and your teen’s success in recovery and healing.

Parent workshops benefit the entire family. From helping you with communication skills with not only your troubled teen, but also with other family members, these workshops will also help you design and create house rules and consequences. 

We help you find safe therapeutic boarding schools.

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