We publish young writers’ fiction and poetry. Meet our members, join our events & monthly contests, and become a published writer!

Founded in 2022, Teen Authors Publication is a devoted community of young writers looking to publish their creative writing works. Our focus is to create our own digital publishing platform to share our stories, essays, poetry, and other forms of writing. We want to support other teen writers throughout the entire writing process–from when inspiration strikes to overcoming writer’s block to editing and self-publication.

Our team

Mary Zhang


Mary is a high school sophomore and writer. She founded Teen Write in 2022 after discovering her passion for writing and creating a community of young authors. Apart from writing, Mary enjoys swimming, reading, watching Netflix, and playing chess. 

Angela Kim

Vice President

Currently a junior in high school, Angela enjoys writing poetry and loves to analyze literature in her spare time. Her favorite writer (currently) is Charles Bukowski. She is often inspired by music and enjoys being a part of the activity herself. 

Amy Zhao


Amy is a high school sophomore. She likes to read historical and horror novels. Her favorite novels are Animal Farm and 1984 by George Orwell. She also writes short stories on different topics. She enjoys playing badminton, watching movies, and listening to music.

Tyler Guan


A high school sophomore aspiring to be a novelist. He enjoys writing and reading many different genres ranging from political thriller to action fantasy to science fiction. He has a book in the works with more on the way. Tyler is an avid fan of Star Wars, Marvel, Harry Potter, and Percy Jackson. 

Daniel Hou


Equal parts reader and writer, Daniel is an avid consumer of literary works factual and fictional alike. Inspired by the intricate and expansive series of authors such as Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson, he’s currently working on a fantasy novel of his own.